End of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning

End of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning

We can complete end of tenancy carpet cleaning to thoroughly cleanse your floors, rugs, curtains and upholstery.

Tenant Floor Cleaners

Tenant Floor Cleaners

As specialist tenant floor cleaners, we can thoroughly clean your carpets once your tenant agreement is complete.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Experts

End of Tenancy Cleaning Experts

Our end of tenancy cleaning experts can thoroughly clean the carpets, curtains and upholstery of your house or office.

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We complete end of tenancy carpet cleaning along with various other cleansing services, such as upholstery and curtain cleansing. We understand that when you are coming to the end of your tenancy you will need to have a thorough clean, which is why we carry out high-quality carpet cleaning services which can remove dirt and stains from the floors in your home or office. Over the years of being a tenant, you may have neglected the floors or you might have only just noticed marks on the carpets; we use specialist cleaning solutions to remove stains and make the flooring look as good as new. 


Since we have years of experience in the cleaning industry as the no. 1 mobile carpet cleaning company inside the UK, we can completely renew existing carpets and perform high-quality stain removal services where required. To speak to a member of our team, please fill in our contact form. Once we receive your enquiry, we'll respond with answers to any questions you may have along with a free quotation.

What is an End of Tenancy Clean?

An end of tenancy clean is a thorough cleanse once your tenancy agreement is finished. Once your tenancy is over, you will need to ensure the entire house is thoroughly clean; this includes carpets, furniture, mattresses, curtains, rugs and more. You will need to get any stains on fabrics removed so that you leave the house exactly how you entered it. There are a number of companies out there who can offer cleaning throughout your house when you come to the end of your tenancy.

As a top-rated premium carpet washing company, we offer a full service consisting of carpet cleaning as well as the washing of upholstery, mattresses, sofas, drapes and various other fabrics. We make use of specialist equipment and premium cleansing solutions when carrying out the end of tenancy carpet cleaning ensures that all dirt and stains are removed. 

Tenant Floor Cleaner

It's important that our clients are pleased with our services, and that is why we strive to be the best tenant floor cleaners inside the UK. Our company use powerful modern tools and professional solutions to provide outstanding results. Our company offers services for domestic homes and business premises as our team can perform a range of maintenance methods.

Unique machines and solutions can be used to match whatever is required for commercial jobs. We’ll speak with you and decide precisely what must be done and then in agreement with your workforce, we'll create a way of keeping the premises operational for as long as possible. This could require us working anti-social hours and, if it's suitable for your schedule, carrying out the work in your quiet time. Quite a few corporate companies think this is very helpful, and it’s something our staff can offer all the time. To make minimal interruption to your premises, we offer quick and quiet service so we don't cause disruptions. We also arrange regular maintenance plans or contract carpeting maintenance offers to keep your carpeting constantly looking good.

Using professional maintenance services, we make certain that you've got clean and safe corporate premises. To guarantee that staff members and visitors can enjoy a comfortable workspace, our experts carry out the highest quality of services. 

End of Tenancy Clean Prices

The prices of an end of tenancy clean can vary depending on the size of the house and the number of services you require. Smaller houses will be able to be cleaned quickly using less cleansing agents, this means that these completed tenancy cleans will generally be much cheaper when compared to bigger houses. Should you want your curtains and upholstery cleaned with your carpets as well, the price of the completed tenancy clean may be more than if you were to just get the carpets cleaned. 

We try to keep our prices as low as possible; however, we only make use of specialist cleaning solutions and equipment which means that we may not be as cheap as other cleaners, although we do guarantee to offer you the best services at the greatest value for money.

How to Clean Carpets at Home

  1. Vacuum the entire house to remove any dirt on top of the flooring
  2. Wash the carpets using specialist cleaning agents
  3. Pay particular attention to stains and marks on the floor
  4. Brush the cleansing agent into the carpets
  5. Leave to dry

The first phase is hoovering the carpets so as to eliminate dirt. Our specialists will then pre-treat using a product which penetrates the fibres and starts to dissolve the dirt and dust. We'll then focus on any sections of the carpeting which might be marked or have spills on them, and certain chemical substances will be used to deal with them. Running a brush through the carpeting can then make sure the solution is spread out across the complete floor surface.

Then our experts use a specialist carpet and rug cleaner to spray hot water with thoroughly measured washing substance to your carpeting. The specialist apparatus will make certain the unclean water solution is removed from the surface. This will allow minimum disturbance since the floor carpet will only require about a couple of hours to dry. If you've purchased a high-priced carpet or rug, we'd strongly suggest engaging in frequent upkeep to keep them in top condition. Not only will they look better but they will actually be usable for longer.

Carpet Cleaning for Tenants

We carry out carpet cleansing specifically for tenants who are coming to the end of their tenancy agreement. We make certain to use specialist tools and substance to clean your surfaces making sure we do not cause any damage to your flooring. As specialists in carpet washing and removing stains, we also supply cleaning services for curtains, area rugs and furniture. We're able to give all your carpets and curtains an intensive clean to leave the flooring spotless throughout the house. Our main aim is always to enhance the look of your products making them look fresh and clean. We supply a quality service at a reasonable cost for a variety of residential and business establishments. Precise cleaning can help remove dust, toxins and smells to actively lengthen the life expectancy of your carpets.


As we are professionals in the carpeting and home furniture maintenance industry, we have carried out numerous jobs for many customers. We will operate the latest and best maintenance products which, along with our expert experience, ensures you get a premium quality clean every time. Make certain to make contact with us today for more details on the expert carpet and upholstery washing and we’ll get back to you with all the price information.

Tenancy Cleaning Services

Our window drape cleaning can also be done for home and professional properties. You won’t have to take your window curtains down and take them to a local cleaner, as we may complete the service at your location. Our company team will cleanse the curtains at your home or company premises - typically at a cheaper price. Subject to what you need for the drapes, we're able to complete either a dry-cleaning or steam-cleaning process. Dry-cleaning inhibits possible shrinking or colour bleed in the fabric. These solutions are perfect for numerous window curtain fabrics such as velvet, satin and cotton. 

Furniture maintenance is another process that we offer to keep your home furniture appearing great. The most common factors which damage the quality of upholstered furniture are beverage spills and greasy stains on armrests and head cushions. You have invested a lot of money on your furnishings so you want it to look great and be longer-lasting. By using these specific services, we'll eliminate stains and marks from home furniture, so that it appears fresh and new. 

Since we are experts we will make sure that the cleaning service is carried out to the best quality to ensure you are content with the final result. According to exactly what is necessary for the job, we customise the service to accommodate you. Our team have finished numerous maintenance projects for domestic homes too. For more details on end of tenancy carpet cleaning and a free quotation, please fill in our contact form and we'll get back to you.