Curtain Cleaning Specialists

Curtain Cleaning Specialists

Our curtain cleaning specialists can carry out steam cleaning without taking your curtains down, making the process a lot easier for you.

Cleaning Drapes at Home

Cleaning Drapes at Home

We are experts when it comes to cleaning drapes at home. If you would like to speak to our experts regarding drape cleaning, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Curtain Cleaning Specialists 

Our team of curtain cleaning specialists can help you to thoroughly clean your drapes and make them look just like new.

It is important to have curtains in your home to manage the light entering the house and to create a great decorative feature. Due to constant use, your drapes may need to be cleaned regularly; we carry out a professional cleaning service to get your drapes to look pristine. We also undertake additional services to remove any stains on the fabric. 


As specialists in curtain maintenance and stain removals, our team can additionally supply cleansing services for carpets, rugs and upholstery.

Our professional workforce can undertake an in-depth cleanse of your drapes, making them appear completely new once again. With a detailed approach and personalised service, our specialists look to make your curtains spotless and looking new again. We provide you with a quality service at a competitive cost for a range of domestic and commercial clients.

Just by performing an intensive clean, we'll get rid of staining, odours, dirt and debris from your carpet to extend its life expectancy. For more information on curtain cleansing, please call us or fill in our contact box.

Best Curtain Cleaner For Home Use 

If you are looking for a more cost-effective option to clean your curtains at home, there aren't many products that offer professional quality. 

We have included our top pick below:

H20 X5 Steam Mop - Kills 99% of Bacteria Without Cleaning Chemicals 


The H2O X5 Steam Mop kills bacteria without having to use harsh chemicals. 

Cost of Dry Cleaning Curtains

The cost of dry-cleaning curtains can vary depending on a number of things. One factor which implements the price is the material of the curtains.

Delicate materials such as silk may be more costly than materials like cotton. If you've got stains and spillages within the drapes, you may also find that the cost of dry-cleaning your curtains may be more expensive, as additional solutions will need to be used. We may alter our services to meet your individual needs and requirements, especially if you are on a tight budget. 

It's important to us that our clients are pleased with our washing services, this is why we make an effort to be the top cleaners in the United Kingdom. In order to offer the best results, our staff will use specially created products which are tough on debris but sensitive for your carpets. Our clientele ranges between commercial and domestic; we complete curtain and upholstery washing for anyone who requires it.

Dry Cleaning Curtains at Home

Our own specialist team can also offer cleaning for curtains in residences and corporate properties. The wonderful thing about our company is you don’t have to take your drapes down to a high street dry cleaner. We're able to wash them at your location, usually at a lower price than traditional dry cleaners.

We'll carry out both steam cleaning and dry-cleaning based on your specific requirements. Our dry clean process prevents the problem of fabric shrinking or colours running on the drapes. Our solutions are compatible with a wide variety of window drape fabrics including satin, velvet and cotton.

We can dry clean your curtains at your house or office meaning that you don't need to worry about taking the drapes down and bringing them to the dry cleaners. We try to make the dry-cleaning process as easy as possible for our clients, which is why we are known as the best curtain cleaning specialists across the UK. If you would like to speak to one of our team members, please complete the contact box available. 

How to Clean Curtains

We carry out a number of different processes to ensure your curtains are left in pristine condition.

  1. Use a steam cleaner starting from the top of the drapes and working your way down
  2. Apply the cleaning solution to break up debris trapped in the material
  3. Look for any stains 
  4. Apply cleaning agent to stains on the drapes

Once you have bought expensive drapes, we would highly recommend regular maintenance to ensure they're in top condition. Not only can they look better but they will likely last longer.

Curtain Cleaning Services

Different types of maintenance equipment and products could be used to accommodate whatever is needed with business client projects.

The curtain and upholstery maintenance work may be done at a time that suits you if you're a facility which has to try to avoid disturbance. When necessary, we can do the clean throughout a time which is convenient for you to make certain your company's working hours are not affected.

Providing the services at many hours during the day will often help some companies. For many businesses, it might mean that quick cleansing, rapid curtain drying times and low-noise work should be applied, and so we may provide this for you. Regular servicing programs can also be provided to keep the carpets thoroughly clean over time. 


Our staff seek to ensure your premises are tidy and safe to work in. It is equally important to ensure the premises offers the appropriate impression to customers and workers. If you require a servicing package for your curtain or home furniture upholstery, we could assist to organise this for you.

As we are industry experts we'll ensure that the service is performed to a high quality to ensure you are happy with the end result. If you've got any specifications, we are able to try to accommodate them and deliver a unique cleansing process for whatever you want. We have performed a lot of residential assignments to clean various features such as carpeting, window curtains and fabric. 

Specialist Cleaning Companies

Furniture upholstery maintenance is yet another service that we offer to help keep your furniture appearing good. If the upholstery is damaged due to stains or beverages, we may help with this. Instead of just getting brand new upholstery, we will offer a service that will boost the quality at a much lower cost.

Our furniture washing service can restore the look and extend its life expectancy so that it is clean, vibrant and looking just the way you want it.

Our experts have carried out a variety of maintenance services for many different clients. We work with the latest and best equipment which, along with our specialist experience, means you get a top-quality carpet clean each and every time. Make sure you get in touch with our team for more details on expert curtain washing and we will respond with all the pricing information.

Our curtain cleaning specialists will be more than happy to talk you through any additional details of our services which you may have questions about, so please fill in our enquiry form.